Saturday, 1 February 2014

Super Series Sundays MegaSeth

After MegaSeth sold out on Tenacious Toys booth at New York Comic Con in October last year, they asked me if I would do another exclusive for their Super Series Sundays and I said yes!

The inspiration for this release was Tenacious Toy's owner Benny Kline's beloved pitbull brilliantly named "Love Monster" who is also the company's mascot.  Check out this handsome devil...

I made the dog look kind of mean, not in the slightest because I think pitbulls are mean but I wanted it to be a bit edgy to suit MegaSeth.  I painstakingly painted these tiny little logos by hand and almost went cross eyed in the process!

There are 8 "Love Monster" edition figures, they are 4 inches tall and come bagged with a header card signed and numbered.

The package includes a signed and numbered mini print and a pin all for $60 USD.

Come visit the Super Series Sundays page at Tenacious Toys 6PM EST on Feb 2 here and get yourself some LOVE Monster!

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Heavy Metal Wookie

I seem to be going with a theme here, following on from MegaSeth, let me introduce "Heavy Metal Wookie".  

So I searched for a vintage Chewbacca and had a little fun with him!

This custom came about as I got thinking about the eye sculpts I did on MegaSeth.  I thought they would look really cool detailed into Chewbacca's hair and the character concept seemed to fit with the giant Wookie. Even the strap over his shoulder had to be for a guitar. It just all seemed to make sense!!

I rebuilt one hand into the "Devil Salute" and built up the eye details, working with the form of the hair, blending them into it.  I also added on the classic tongue, cause that seemed to suit Chewie.

Chewbacca has donned some yellow face paint and traded in his gun for a new weapon of choice; an electric guitar.  He is ready to take center stage.

He is 4.5 inches tall, stands on a base and has a removeable guitar which attaches to his back with magnets.

"Heavy Metal Wookie" will be up for sale on Thursday 12th December, this week 10pm GMT for £35 (approx $57.50) plus shipping.  He will come bagged with a header card, available at

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Old Skool

I am currently participating in a custom toy show at The Concrete Gallery in Amsterdam, organised by Flaw Toys and DT Customs.  For the show I was given a "Stranger" to customize,

When I first started to look at the figure in hand, the face shape immediately suggested a TV and the curve of the head a "hoodie", so I rolled with that and went for a little nostalgic wander.  

First step, it had to be wearing sneakers of course, which I sculpted onto the figure using a 2 part epoxy clay.

 Next was the TV screen, which was cast in clear resin with an image of a static analogue screen embedded in it, or "noise" as we called it...remember back!!  Then polished up to look like glass, set on the faceplate and built into place with clay.

Primed and ready to paint....

 The end result is character whose face is an old analogue TV screen. His body is suitably, non-digitally dressed, in classic retro Adidas.  I used the static on the screen to suggest the idea of his being stuck in a moment of time, jammed in a channel from a bygone era. He's either waiting to be tuned back in or happy to be lost in a fuzzy place from the past.

"Old Skool" stands a whopping 8 inches tall and is available to purchase for 130 EUROS.  Contact for info.

Check out photos from the opening night here and see some of the amazing works on show.

Artist Line-up:
A little Stranger - Bashprojects - David Stevenson - DonP - DT Custom - Eechone - Flawtoys - Godhay toys - Haus of Boz - Hugh Rose - JC Rivera - Lisa Rae Hansen - Map Map - Mr Martin - Okkle - Paperfiction - Pixelkaiju - Planet Domu - PJ Constable - Reet Neet (R3) - Run DMB - Squink! - Stuart Witter - Taylored Curiosities - Tim Sprangers

Friday, 29 November 2013

Dcon Figures Available online

Designer Con 2013 has now been and gone!  I'm very pleased that both "Babycakes " from Trampt's Hustle And Hype Showcase both found new homes. Also somebody dared to take on a "BadBoy Destroy", I hope he is keeping his temper under wraps!

 Now Trampt have launched their PopUp Shop to sell the rest of the exclusives online.

And there you will find skulking some of the Way Cool Jnr gang..

These guys "Junior" stand at 6 inches tall. I sculpt the original and cast them in resin, hand paint to finish these 1/1 customs in Yellow and Blue.  They each come in a bag with header card all for $50.

"BadBoy Destroy" is also there, as with the Juniors he is 4 inches tall, hand sculpted, cast and hand painted in a 1/1 colourway and comes in a bag with header card signed and numbered. Also $50.

As well as these guys there are still a couple of the "Black Metal" edition of MegaSeth left online with Dragatomi.

These were limited to 5 pieces and come bagged with a signed and numbered header card and a mini print all for $60.  

Many thanks for looking!

Monday, 18 November 2013

Baby Catherinemare X MonsterLittle Custom QiQi

I was asked by Ziqi Wu of Monsterlittle to create a custom of his vinyl toy "QiQi" into his version of "Baby Catherinemare" a character by Danny Chan.  Being a fan of Ziqi Wu's art I didn't hesitate to say yes!

Above is Ziqi Wu's wonderful rendition of this great character which I had the pleasure of bringing to life in 3d.

The character is attached to the base and the cat can be moved around!

I used Magic Sculp, a little wire and acrylics on this custom.

You can follow Ziqi Wu on Facebook and check out his wonderful world of characters and artwork at and you can follow Danny Chan on Facebook too.
Thanks for looking!

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Designer Con, Pasadena!!

I won't be at DesignerCon unfortunately but I am very lucky to have 2 amazing companies showcasing some of my work.  
Firstly Dragatomi at Booth #300 are going to have a very small micro run of 5 MegaSeths exclusive to them. 

Entitled "Black Metal" each will come with a signed and numbered mini print all for $60.

Secondly Trampt are showcasing 2 of my "Babycakes" characters, each a custom 1/1 as part of their "Hustle and Hype" Show.  I'm very proud and honoured to be included in this with amazing artists from around the world.

 "Babycakes" are $60.

Also Trampt at Booth #601 will be showing in their exclusives section some of my "Way Cool Jnr Society" figures.  2 custom "Juniors" will be available at $50 each.

Along with "Junior" his friend "BadBoy Destroy" will be causing some trouble, also $50 each.

All 1/1 customs of my original resin figures.

If you are going to Pasadena Convention Centre this weekend do say hi to my toys! And have yourself a wonderful time at DesignerCon...I won't lie..I'm a little jealous of the Toy Heaven that you will be entering into!!

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Babycakes Loves Cavey

I was lucky enough to be invited by the immenselly talented Holly Stanway aka A Little Stranger, to take part in Hey Cavey's Custom Vinyl show to celebrate Cavey's 3rd birthday. What an honour!

The show took place last night at the Fleet River Bakery in London and featured over 40 vinyl Caveys customized by artists worldwide. Here are some of my favourites from this incredible show!

My contribution is entitled "Babycakes Loves Cavey".

I didn't want to change much about the cavey figure, I love the branding of the uber cute character.  So I decided to create a superfan wearing a Cavey backpack.

I made a little video to show the piece:

  Keep an eye out, Babycakes might make an appearance of her own some day.